Richelieu Horse Slaughter Plant, Quebec - 9/17/08-9/22/08

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 - 10:15
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9/17/08-9/22/08 Richelieu Horse Slaughter Plant, Quebecv144_img_d9797_163_thumb
Animals’ Angels investigators visited the Richelieu horse slaughter facility in Massueville, Quebec. During their six days and nights at the plant the investigators documented shipments of horses arriving from both Canadian and US based companies including several over the weekend and in the early morning before the day shift began. Investigators observed very thin horses in the holding area of the plant, and many horses arriving at the plant with Green USDA tags indicating their point of origin. As Meat Hygiene inspectors are only required to be at the plant on ‘kill days’, violations of humane regulations will not be enforced for loads arriving outside of regular slaughter hours (weekends or nights). v145_img_d9797_164_thumbDocumentation of the arrival of all shipments, the most common routes of transporters, the hours of operation at the plant, and the processing of horses upon arrival will provide essential information as the Animals’ Angels continues to monitor the Richelieu facility.