The Richelieu Horse Slaughter Plant, Quebec 1/15/14

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 12:45
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Investigators arrived at Viande Richelieu plant at 11:15 a.m. The plant is located on the edge of the small town, separated from adjacent homes on one side by a chain link fence with warnings of video surveillance. From the road we viewed the front of the plant and two Richelieu trucks with refrigerator trailers backed up to the plant evidently being loaded with packaged horsemeat. The Guy Anjou truck loaded with horses we followed to the plant backed up to the unloading dock on othe side of the plant about 10 minutes after arriving.  

From a small road on that side, we were able to discern the horses being unloaded but high snow drifts blocked visibility of the horses as they went from the trailer into the plant.   The area visible around the plant appeared well-maintained.  Behind the plant were holding pens which were blocked by vegetation and private homes. 

Viande Richelieu is owned by Bouvry Exports Calgary Ltd.  Richelieu is a major supplier of horsemeat throughout Europe and is subject to European Union regulations.

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