R & R Livestock, Murray, KY 6/29/11-7/2/11

Monday, August 8, 2011 - 17:15
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The R & R slaughter horse collecting station operated by Randy Ray, who is also on the “Commercial Transport of Equines to Slaughter” violators list. According to documents obtained from the USDA, R & R livestock provides horses for kill buyer Jeron Gold in Michigan. The large property has extensive pastures, a trailer home and a barn with a wooden loading ramp next to Grove Auction a few days earlier, was backed up to a loading ramp. The condition of the trailer is of great concern, since it appears to be so rusted that a horse could kick through the weakened sides. The horses on the premises were divided in two different pastures, it appeared that the resale horses & ponies were kept separate from the “slaughter” horses. There were approx 30 “slaughter” horses, some cattle and goats in the pasture with the loading ramp. Several of the horses were thin and some were pregnant. During the four days on which investigators observed the premises, R & R loaded one trailer with “slaughter” horses. None of them had slaughter tags attached, which confirms the information that R & R is currently supplying other kill buyers with horses and does not ship to the plants himself.

Investigation of Kentucky Slaughter Buyers and Auctions