Premises of Mr. & Mrs. Risner, Cynthiana, KY 12/3/11

Monday, January 23, 2012 - 10:33
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Investigators visited the Risner premises in Cynthiana, KY. The Risners were convicted in 2008 for cruelty to animals (they plead guilty to 8 counts of animal cruelty) and were not allowed to own another horse for 2 years. When investigators arrived at the location, they immediately noticed trash and pieces of metal dumped throughout the premises. They noticed 5 horses in the field behind the main house, however they were too far away to judge their condition. There are several dilapidated buildings in this field, some with caved in roofs.  Sharp pieces of metal were observed hanging from the building and scattered around in the field as well as barn boards with exposed nails and rusty barb wire, putting the horses at risk of severe injury. During the time of the investigation there were water tubs visible in the field, but all were turned upside down. There were also 3 mules on the premises, one was thin with foal. There was no hay visible for the horses or the mules. However, when investigators were filming, a man came out of the house and tossed the mules some hay. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor the situation.