Premises of Larry Browning, Butler, KY 7/14/13

Sunday, July 14, 2013 - 10:45
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Animals’ Angels returned to the premises of horse trader Larry Browning to check if there was any noticeable improvement.

The property still appeared very run down, part of the holding pen was covered in manure and lots of trash, wood and pieces of metal could be found. Large pieces of broken wire fencing were discarded in one area, putting the horses at risk of obtaining severe leg injuries. Several plastic water buckets and two metal water troughs were noted, but all were either turned over or empty. Hay bales of average quality were observed in two areas.

Approx. 25 horses were visible, the majority of them had gathered under the small sheltered area next to the barn. Several of them were very thin, their ribs were clearly visible. Several showed signs of rain rot, a bacterial skin disease. Two thin horses among the group appeared very lethargic and were standing with their eyes closed.



In 2011, Kentucky authorities had to euthanize 10 horses on Browning’s property due to their extremely poor condition with Body Condition Scores below 1.  Back then, Browning convinced local law enforcement that “people would just constantly drop off starving, strangles infested horses on his premises” and therefore he was not held accountable for their deplorable condition.  However, Browning never bothered to file a police report about any animal being abandoned at his farm, which should have made his claims very questionable.

Given the current condition of the horses observed on Browning’s property during our July 2013 visit, it appears that nothing has changed.  With obviously no oversight from the KY Department of Agriculture, Browning will continue to sell his sick & starving horses to the highest bidder. Animals’ Angels has requested information regarding enforcement actions and will continue to monitor this trader.