Premises of Jeff W Hayes, Dupont, IN 7/14/13

Sunday, July 14, 2013 - 10:45
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Jeff Hayes, d/b/a Rockin 2H Farm LLC, is a horse dealer and kill buyer located in Southeastern Indiana.  He is known to list horses on Craigslist in KY, IN, and OH.  Horses that do not sell are shipped to the EU approved slaughter plant in Camargo on a shared contract with Ruben Brito. (  

 Upon arrival, investigators noticed Hayes’ empty Rockin 2H truck and livestock trailer parked at the entrance to his barn.  For all outward appearances, this facility seems to be a top-notch boarding farm.  Once the layer of the onion starts to peel, however, the stench revealed itself quickly.  Hayes’ property houses approximately 100 horses in various stages of well-being.  The pastures contained horses ranging from healthy and fit to extremely thin and emaciated.  The only water source noted appears to be a large pond with small streams throughout.   Among the mares and geldings, were 3-5 young foals at their mothers’ sides.  It is unclear whether Hayes buys pregnant mares, or is breeding on his farm.

Behind the massive barn, is a pen system which contained approximately 15 horses in poor condition.  It is believed that the horses in these pens are Hayes’ slaughter-bound.  Denied grass or pasture, these horses were observed standing atop mounds of manure searching for food.  Investigators did see overturned water buckets within the pens, but none hanging from the fence full of water. 


No stranger to controversy, Hayes has been in the spotlight on more than one occasion.  In May, 2011, the USDA found Hayes guilty of violating the Packers and Stockyards Act and fined him $12,000.  (

In February of this year, Hayes came under public scrutiny after listing 4 emaciated Paso Fino horses on Craigslist.  When the potential buyer met with Hayes and saw the deplorable condition of the horses, she opted to purchase all 4.  When she returned to the premises just 7 short days later, trailer in tow, one of the mares had already become so weak, that she literally dropped down and died while being led to the trailer to her new home.    

Subsequent to the death of the mare this past February, complaints were allegedly filed with BOAH (Indiana Board of Animal Health) and animal control.  At this time, Animals’ Angels has not been provided a copy of either complaint.  Investigators will continue to monitor this collecting station.