Premises of J. L. Keeney, Crane, TX 3/3/13

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 14:00
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Keeney was brought to Animals’ Angels attention because he placed an ad in the local papers advertising to buy “horses of all kinds”. His property is in close proximity to the Presidio export pens. Investigators arrived at the premises at 9:00am. A private drive leads to several barns and a private residence. A loading ramp was visible and an old single deck trailer was parked close to it. According to the Safer Website, Keeney’s truck has been stopped in New Mexico in the past (driver had no medical certificate and record of duty status was not current). Currently, Keeney has no operating authority with FMCSA.  On the day of the investigation, there were no horses visible from the public road. However, Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor the location.