Premises of Dorian Ayache, Lebanon, TN 4/15/13

Friday, May 17, 2013 - 15:45
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Investigators returned to the premises of kill buyer Dorian Ayache in Lebanon.  Ayache made the news last year for causing  two mayor accidents while hauling full loads of slaughter horses to Presidio. Numerous horses died in these accidents.

As a result, Ayache was no longer allowed to operate under his own DOT number or use any of his trucks and trailers, however, he continued to ship horses to slaughter by using name and DOT number of some long term friends. In January 2013, Animals’ Angels documented Ayache’s former truck and trailer at the Presidio export pens. In March 2013, we documented the same truck loading horses at the Smith Grove auction in Kentucky.

When investigators arrived at the premises, they noted Ayache’s orange/blue truck and the white semi with canvas top trailer parked on the premises. There were also a maroon colored pickup truck with matching stock trailer and another single deck trailer visible.  Less than 10 horses were noted in the front pasture, in varying physical conditions. One pregnant, thin mare as well as several other thin horses were visible, gathered around hay that appeared to be of very poor quality. Investigators continued to observe the premises, but there was no activity. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been informed about the sightings of Ayache’s former truck & trailer. The investigation is ongoing.