Premises of Dennis Kunz, Willard, UT 2/13/12

Monday, February 13, 2012 - 16:15
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Investigators observed the premises of Dennis Kunz, a well known kill buyer, who ships horses to Mexico for slaughter via the Presidio export pens.

The premises are located next to the local livestock auction. The large pen area is only partially visible, therefore only 20 horses and a few cows could be observed. All visible were in fairly good condition. One horse had a slaughter tag attached.

Kunz had 2 tractor/trailers on the property including the green truck that had been pulled over last year at the Port Of Entry in Helper, UT, while loaded with BLM mustangs.

There were also 2 flat floor trailers and 1 double deck on the property, as well as several pickup trucks and stock trailers. Investigators monitored the premises for several hours, but there was no activity.