Premises of David Misner, Chino, CA; 9/7/14

Sunday, September 7, 2014 - 12:15
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Animals’ Angels, Inc. has been investigating David Misner for several years. Despite overwhelming evidence that David Misner continues to flout CA State law by shipping horses to known kill buyers in New Mexico and Texas, California authorities continue to turn a blind eye to Misner’s activities. In fact, Misner’s business appears to be more successful than ever due to sales being negotiated directly with private individuals and groups frequenting his feedlot.  

When investigators arrived at Misner’s premises, it was immediately noted that the number of horses kept on the premises had significantly increased since their last visit. On the other hand, the property itself had become more dilapidated since our last visit.  Investigators observed broken windows in the out buildings, trash strewn everywhere, pens made out of scrap metal, and left-over pieces of fence -- all of which were a serious risk of injury to any of the horses present.  

At the front of the property, there was a small make-shift pen which was very overcrowded with goats. Apparently Misner was trying to sell these goats to the Hispanic community – a sign reading “se venden chivos” was next to the pen.  Chickens were roaming all across the property apparently also for sale.

Misner’s white Ford pick-up and several stock trailers were seen parked towards the front of the property.  All of the horses and minis visible in the pens seemed to be in average condition and weight.   Although investigators monitored the property for some time, there was no activity.  We will continue to keep an eye on Misner’s operations.