Penn Valley Horse Auction - 2/26/10

Friday, February 26, 2010 - 18:15
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v59_img_d13004_78_thumbKnown kill buyers Bruce Rotz and Brian Moore maintained a presence in auction ring, with Rotz apparently impatient, prodding the auctioneer, “ Come on, let’s get them sold….” Several horses, emaciated with ribs clearly visible, were present. Several more horses with old scars, some with scarring from halters and buggy harness such as that used by the Amish, were observed. Investigators also observed many working draft horses with hooves in very bad condition. One auction pen was called the “suspect pen” with 3 horses in unknown condition inside. Horses had access to hay but no water. A total of approximately 150 horses were at sale; the majority of buyers and sellers were Amish. Most horses sold for between $1,200-$3,500.