Patton Livestock Auction, London, KY 12/13/11

Monday, January 23, 2012 - 10:30
Investigation Category: 

Investigators were present at the sale and monitored the loading of animals after the sale. There were approximately 100 horses and several goats at the auction. Local kill buyers were in attendance and observed forcing 5 horses and 2 minis in the rear compartment of a stock trailer. Some of the horses were “loose” and the driver had to use excessive force trying to get all of them into the trailer. One of the minis was trampled and fell down a few times. Two other men, who had purchased one of the goats, were observed dragging her across the gravel parking lot by her horns and legs. The auction should oversee the loading of animals after the sale to ensure humane handling of the animals. Animals’ Angels will include this suggestion in our report to management.