Patton Auction, KY 8/23/11

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - 16:00
Investigation Category: 

Investigators arrived at the auction at 12:00 pm.  A tack sale was ongoing in the parking lot and several vendors had pets and other small animals, such as chicken, ducks and potbelly pigs for sale. The cages contained no water and were placed on the hot gravel despite temperatures of 89 degrees. In the indoor holding pens were 30 Cows, 15 Calves, 30 Goats, 32 Pigs and 22 Horses. No fans were running except for the one pointed at the man tagging goat ears. No food or water was offered to any animal. 3 Jersey calves appeared to be sick, 1 was very thin and had discharge from nose and eyes, the other one had a steady cough. The auction started at 1:00 pm with  horses and the auctioneer announced that 17 of them had been brought in “fresh from the field” and were loose horses. They were moved into the ring in groups of 6 and they were very frightened and nervous. 1 mare slipped and fell on her side. There were at least 5 pregnant mares in this group, one heavily pregnant paint mare was very nervous and tried to exit the ring through the entrance door. The handler that was standing there slammed the swinging door on her head. All 17 horses were bought by the same man for approx. $70.00 each. He immediately loaded the extremely agitated horses into his stock trailer and then went back into the auction for another 2 hours.  The handling during the livestock auction was rough: A small calf fell on his face and when he didn't get up fast enough the workers dragged him through the exit doors by his hind legs. Goats were tossed and carried by their horns. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this auction.