Paris Horse Auction, KY 9/3/11

Friday, October 14, 2011 - 17:30
Investigation Category: 

160 horses and 2 mules were present at the monthly sale in Paris, KY. It was a very hot and humid day with temperatures of 95 degrees. Despite these weather conditions, the fans inside the barn were not running and no water was provided for the horses. Several of the horses present at the sale were very thin, one mare was observed with extremely long, overgrown hooves. Outside the auction, Amish men were test riding horses until the horses were covered in sweat. Many animals appeared extremely thirsty and lethargic. No semis were present at the auction, but several pickup trucks and stock trailers from Ohio with no DOT # were documented. The horse sale started at 2:00pm , all horses were either ridden or walked through the auction ring individually. Two horse traders from Ohio, who have been observed at the Sugarcreek auction on earlier occasions, were present and buying. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this sale and urge management to make water available for all animals.