Palomino Valley BLM Holding Facility, Sparks, NV 7/12/18

Thursday, July 12, 2018 - 10:26
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New research conducted by Animals’ Angels again raises questions regarding treatment and conditions for our wild horses trapped in this BLM facility. The review of hundreds of pages of documents received via Freedom of Information Act shows that despite the reduced numbers of horses kept at this facility, 107 horses died between January 1st, 2017 and February 9th, 2018. Among these were a lot of foals, who were euthanized for reasons such as club foot or Strangles. The documents also show that the BLM still uses Reno Rendering for disposal of any dead animals. In 2013, Animals’ Angels uncovered grave discrepancies between the number of dead horses announced by the BLM and those listed in the invoices obtained from Reno Rendering. A preliminary review of the new information again seems to show that the records do not match. Additionally, a lot of movement of horses to holding facilities in Illinois, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, Arizona, Nebraska and Oregon was reported with some transports raising questions regarding the number of horses transported in one trailer. Stay tuned for the release of our full-length report, which will be released soon after the review of all paperwork is concluded.