New Holland Sales Stables, New Holland, PA 08/15/2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - 15:30
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Investigators arrived at New Holland at 0840, and a large crowd was in attendance. The pens observed all contained hay and water. In the pig pens the floors were wet to help cool the pigs. The goat and sheep pens were crowded and in one pen a small brown goat appeared to be blind in the left eye. In the cattle pens, one cow was observed with an infection in each eye. No dead or dying animals were observed. The horse sale began at 1010 with all of the usual kill buyers in attendance. The auction ended at 1355. Of note, Island Exotic Hunts, Bainbridge, PA was in attendance and his pick-up truck and stock trailer were backed up to the barn in the back parking lot.