New Holland Auction, PA 5/27/13

Monday, June 17, 2013 - 13:30
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Our investigators attended the livestock auction in New Holland, PA on 5/27/13.  We have been monitoring this auction for some time now.  This was an extremely busy day at the auction.    Investigators noted several tractor trailers in the parking lot loaded with animals.  One trailer was loaded full with sheep.  Due to the very warm temperatures and the crowded quarters, the sheep were panting heavily. 

While inside the auction barn, investigators observed pigs suffering in the heat as well.  Not all pens had water.  Investigators found several dead goats and pigs along the loading ramps and back pens. The cause of death was unclear.

At the horse sale, our investigators were quick to note that well known kill buyer Brian Moore was present.   His single-decker trailer was observed parked and ready to load.  The horse sale was very busy and proceeded quickly.

Investigators also saw Amish buggy horses in the parking lot, tied to a railing with no access to water for several hours as the auction was being conducted.   Concerns remain about this auction and Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor the location.