New Holland Auction, PA 3/21/11

Thursday, April 7, 2011 - 16:15
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Investigators arrived at New Holland at 10:10. The horse auction was in progress and was busy. Several known “kill buyers” lined the rail of the auction ring bidding on horses. These buyers included – Brian S. Moore, Bruce Rotz, Carl E. Fisher, Nickerson Livestock, and Frank Carper. The auction concluded at 13:35 and the following buyers purchased: Brian Moore – 24 horses ; Bruce Rotz – 13 horses; Frank Carper – 10 horses; Nickerson Livestock apparently did not purchase any horses and left the auction at 12:30.  Fisher began loading horses at 14:28. 

Bruce Rotz loaded horses at 14:49. Frank Carper brought his single deck rig and stock trailer to the auction and began loading his single deck at 13:51.  Investigators never saw the stock trailer loading. However, both trailers left the auction premises with horses in them. Brian Moore began loading horses at 14:45 and left the dock to park in the parking lot at 15:20.