New Holland Auction, PA 1/13/14

Monday, January 13, 2014 - 12:30
Investigation Category: 

At approximately 9:30am investigators arrived at the New Holland Auction to discover a dead goat left in front of a dumpster with a roped tied around its hind legs. Upon further investigation the team was shocked to find that the dumpster itself contained roughly twenty other dead animals. Among the dead were pigs, sheep, cows, and more goats. Another dead goat was found in a nearby livestock trailer that also contained several full chicken crates.

The investigators then turned their attention to the neighboring pig barn. Although it was half empty the investigators were shocked to witness the excessive use of electric prods by the workers moving the pigs that were still there. The workers were also heard hurling obscenities at the pigs as they were being violently moved from one location to another.

Brian Moore arrived for the horse sale in his magenta and turquoise truck. The sale was set to begin at 10:00am and before the start Mr. Moore unloaded some resale horses. He left two emaciated horses on the trailer where they remained for the duration of the sale.  In addition to Mr. Moore, Bruce Rotz, Ron Harker, Fisher, Phil Shirk, Charlie De Hart, and Frank Carter were also in attendance.

Roughly 90 horses were put on display with Mr. Shirk riding them around the ring for exhibition. Multiple injuries could clearly be seen on many of the horses.  A standard bred horse with the tag #180 had a wound on its right hind leg that was still bleeding. An extremely thin and malnourished Appaloosa was unloaded and promptly rejected for sale. Several other aged and thin horses were discarded by Amish customers.

The sale concluded in the early afternoon.  Shortly after 2:00pm Carter, Moore, and Fisher were loading horses back up into their trailers.  The investigators witnessed several of the horses being abused during this process. The abuse ranged from rough handling to full-on bludgeoning.

 A paint saddle bred horse that resisted going into its trailer was hit over the head and struck in the face with full force by its trader.

It’s worth noting that lacking from the auction was the presence of any thoroughbreds. Their absence suggests that they are now being sold directly to kill buyers