New Holland Auction - 6/8/09

Monday, June 8, 2009 - 08:15
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6/8/09 New Holland Auction, PA v225_img_d9797_260_thumb

Animals’ Angels investigators visited the weekly auction in New Holland. No dead animals were observed in pens, alleys or at the loading ramp. The investigators noted that the auction management had moved their dumpster/dead pile to another location. It is probable that this relocation was performed to keep unauthorized persons from discarding their animals. Animals’ Angels had suggested this important improvement during prior discussions held with the owner of the stables. The animals observed at the auction were in satisfactory condition with the exception of several horses. Some were extremely emaciated and should not have been accepted for sale by the vet on site. (Pennsylvania Cruelty Law, Title 18, Section 5511, (d): "Selling or using disabled horse”) Another starving horse, a brown mare, was found in a horse trailer with Florida license plates, parked outside of the auction.  Animals’ Angels will contact the vet present at the auction concerning his acceptance of the horses listed above and bring this issue to the attention of auction management and human officers.