Mikes Horse Auction, Mira Loma, CA. - 8/2/08

Saturday, August 2, 2008 - 10:45
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8/2/08 Mikes Horse Auction, Mira Loma, CA.v127_img_d9797_142_thumb
Animals’ Angels investigators attended the night sale held at “Mikes Horse Auction” where they found approximately 70-80 horses for sale. Investigators observed a number of horses in poor condition, in particular one severely emaciated pregnant mare with a body score of one, and a skin disease covering one third of her body. Several other extremely thin horses were observed, as well as one with an eye infection causing swelling and discharge in both eyes.v128_img_d9797_143_thumb The investigators returned to the auction the next day at 11.45am, finding most of the ill horses still being held. After questioning the auction staff about the condition of the pregnant mare some hay was provided to her which she immediately began eating. The Animals’ Angels investigators were very disturbed by the state of horses held for sale at this auction and further investigations are being planned.