Mike McBarron Horse Feedlot, Forney, TX 11/1/18

Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 06:23
Investigation Category: 

AA investigators returned to this major slaughter horse feedlot after a night of heavy rainfall, which had flooded parts of the area and had turned the pens into thick mud. There were approx. 120 horses inside the pen area. While most of the horses had been moved to the sheltered part of the pens, some had been left in the front pens and were standing in mud up to their ankles. A round bale of hay, still partially in its netting, had carelessly been placed on top of the mud. Several of the horses observed were in poor condition, severely emaciated, covered in scars or limping.

In the back of the property, two individuals were preparing horses to be filmed for McBarron’s broker program. Not surprisingly, none of these horses were in poor condition or in the muddy pens. In fact, the individuals carefully brushed the horses and combed their manes and tails to make them as appealing to potential buyers as possible.

Investigators also noted an entire pen full of minis, which are not shipped to slaughter but bought strictly for resale. One of them was quite aggressive and continued to kick and bite the other minis in the pen. Despite the fact that the “broker program crew” was right next to the pen, no one bothered to remove the aggressive mini from the pen and it continued to harass the other animals.

No large transport trucks were spotted during the time of the observation.

The mud as well as the condition of the horses selected for slaughter remain a great concern. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this feedlot and ensure that the McBarron is operating in compliance with existing laws and regulations.