Mike McBarron Feedlot - “Kaufman Kill Pen," Forney, TX; 8/3/17

Thursday, August 3, 2017 - 09:45
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AA investigators returned to the McBarron feedlot in Texas on August 3, 2017. Since our last visit, Mike McBarron had completed the erection of a tall fence all along his property line to block the view of the pen area. The fence was constructed after Animals’ Angels extensive exposé of his operation and multiple, documented incidents of horses dying inside the lot without assistance. 

All the information AA has gathered has been provided to the District Attorney’s Office, Texas Animal Health Commission, and local law enforcement, all of which apparently caused enough concern for McBarron to justify the significant expense of erecting the fence.

On this visit, there were approximately 80 horses visible inside the feedlot.  Many of them were gathered around a few hay bales which had been tossed out with the baling twine still attached. The ground throughout the pen was covered in manure. No injuries were observed, although a few horses were extremely thin and coughing. 

Although AA investigators spent some time at the location, no activity was observed while they were onsite. 


AA will continue to monitor this location utilizing the various technology at our disposal. We will also continue to provide information to enforcement agencies regarding McBarron’s activities.