Middleburg Horse Auction, PA - 06/28/08

Saturday, June 28, 2008 - 11:00
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06/28/08 Middleburg Horse Auction, PAv119_img_d9797_134_thumb
Inspectors for the Animals’ Angels visited the Middleburg Auction, finding approximately 200 – 250 horses being held for sale. There was no water available for any of the horses. This was particularly disturbing as many of the horses were cart horses and were test driven in the gravel parking area prior to the auction, and put away extremely hot and thirsty.v120_img_d9797_135_thumb Some injuries were noted including leg lesions, and raw mouth sores on draft horses. Auctioneering and handling practices were reasonable. Several slaughter buyers attended the auction. The investigators were unhappy with the overheated condition of many of the horses left standing throughout the day, and will continue to visit the Middleburg Auction