Middleburg Horse Auction - 2/27/10

Saturday, February 27, 2010 - 04:15
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Again the following day, kill buyers Rotz and Moore were at the auction. The quality of horses here was much worse than at Centre Hall auction. Several horses were emaciated or limping. One horse, tag # 126, had an open wound to the forehead. Investigators observed horses banging their heads against low crossbeams in the pens. Some pens were dangerously overcrowded.

Horses seemed generally agitated and were observed biting other horses and vigorously chewing on fencing. A large draft horse in a pen with other smaller horses was observed repeatedly kicking the smaller horses in their sides and back legs. These horses were tied to the fence rails, unable to move sufficiently to avoid being kicked. Still other horses were tied in narrow stalls with no water. Rotz and Moore stood in the auction ring and were observed buying many horses. Some severely limping draft horses were offered for as low as $10. Neither kill buyer bid on them.