Middleburg Auction, PA - 6/9/2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 - 05:00
Investigation Category: 

Animals’ Angels investigators visited the Middleburg Livestock and Bird Auction. At the bird sale, the cages did not have solid floors, forcing the birds to stand on wire mesh. The cages did not contain any water for the birds and no fans were running, causing some to suffer under heat stress. At the livestock sale, the animals did not have access to food and water. It was noted that two Amish workers used electric prods on the pigs excessively. Outside the auction, Animals’ Angels investigators found an extremely emaciated horse tied to a fence in direct sun and without water. The investigators immediately brought the horse to the attention of the auction personnel. They suggested that the animal belonged to an auction employee and promised to move the animal out of the sun. However, after waiting some time, no one from the auction took any action. The investigators located a bucket, filled it with water and gave it to the horse. Animals’ Angels will confront auction management and urge them to improve the unacceptable conditions for the animals at their auction.