Lubbock Horse Auction, TX 5/14/11

Friday, June 3, 2011 - 18:00
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Animals’ Angels investigators attended the monthly horse sale at the Lubbock Stockyards. It is a small auction and only 60 horses, 4 burros and 3 minis were in the pen area. Some of the pens had shelter and could be overlooked from a catwalk. None of the pens had any food or water for the animals. The majority of the horses was in good condition, only very few were thin. One horse had an old, untreated eye injury. The handling was satisfactory and calm, all horses were walked through the auction ring individually. Investigators noticed that two men named “Darrel” and “Jessie’ were buying all the cheap horses. No tractor/trailers were observed in the parking lot, only pickup trucks with stock trailers from TX, NM and CO.