Landfair Brothers, Shreve, OH 7/20/12

Sunday, August 12, 2012 - 14:15
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Investigators were able to locate the slaughter horse collecting station of the Landfair Brothers in Shreve, OH. The Landfair Brothers have been in the slaughter business for a long time and Steve Landfair in on the Slaughter Horse Transport Violators List. (Case # OH-09082) According to public documents, they buy approx. 500 horses/year in Ohio, however, they also frequent auctions in the surrounding states. At the location, there were approx. 13 horses on a dry lot with round bale feeders.  Only one of the feeders held hay and the horses were gathered around it. Plastic water tubs were visible, but several were empty and turned over. Several of the horses still had auction tags attached.  A Belgian horse had what appeared to be a large tumor at his nostrils. More horses were visible inside the small barn. Also on the premises were a loading ramp and a smaller stock trailer. Investigators observed the premises for quite some time, but there was no activity.