La Petite Nation Horse Slaughter Plant, Quebec 1/16/14

Thursday, January 16, 2014 - 12:45
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Investigators arrived at the Viandes de la Petite Nation plant at 1:00pm. The plant is approved to export horse meat to the European Union. The smaller, modern plant, which also slaughters bison, is situated on wide open fields and surrounded by chain link fencing. An electric gate with video surveillance is the only access to the plant itself. Administrative offices and the meat cutting area are in the front of the plant, loading ramps, inside pens and kill floor are in the back. Upon arrival, investigators noted a white Capron Livestock truck with a single deck trailer backed up to the 

loading ramp. 

The horses were unloaded and the slaughtering was ongoing. Inside the plant, 12 workers were observed in the meat cutting area, quickly processing the hanging, already skinned horse halves moving in from the back. Inside the office, several certifications of animal welfare audits were displayed. Investigators introduced themselves to the plant management and requested to see the slaughter process. The person who was in charge that day, did not volunteer his name and appeared extremely nervous. 

He stated that he currently had no time to show the investigators around, but that he would email them before end of 

day to set up a meeting. Unfortunately, that never happened. One can only wonder why there was so much hesitation to disclose slaughter practices. Animals’ Angels will follow up in writing with a list of questions and another meeting request.  


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