La Junta Horse Sale, CO 7/30/10

Friday, July 30, 2010 - 08:45
Investigation Category: 

161 horses were sold during this monthly auction, among them several emaciated mares. In one of the pens the investigators noted three horses with wire around their noses. The wire was so tight that it was cutting into the soft skin. The investigators informed the auction management and requested the removal of the wire. However, management refused to do anything. Several kill buyers were present at the sale. The investigators observed Carters’ driver move horses with the help of an electric prod. He was prodding them in face & eyes, which caused the animals to panic. They rushed into the double deck trailer and several slip and fell on the ramp. Among the ones loaded was an extremely emaciated, pregnant mare. The truck then headed to the Morton slaughter horse feedlot in Texas. Animals’ Angels will make this auction a priority to ensure improvement of these unacceptable conditions.