Kiehl Slaughter Horse Collecting Station, Watertown, NY 3/17/11-3/18/11

Friday, April 1, 2011 - 16:30
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Arlow Kiehls’ collecting station is located in a residential area of Watertown. Despite the fact that he has extensive pastures available, most of the slaughter horses were kept in a small round pen. Some horses were confined in an area behind the round pen next to a large manure pile. It was a cold day, but one can only imagine the smell his neighbors are exposed to during a hot summer month. There is a lot of old fencing, pieces of metal and other junk on the premises, which puts the horses at risk of getting injured. The investigators counted approx. 25 horses in the round pen, some already had slaughter tags attached. Among them was an emaciated approx. 3 year old sorrel horse, it was standing completely still in between the other horses that were moving around and eating the hay. Kiehls tractor trailer “Diamond K Ranch” was gone and did not return to the premises during our visit.