Kalona Horse Auction, IA; 02/02/2009

Monday, February 2, 2009 - 13:30
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02/02/2009 Kalona, Iowav184_img_d9797_209_thumb


Animals’ Angels investigators were present at the monthly horse auction in Kalona, Iowa. Approximately 350 “loose” horses were offered to U.S. and Canadian slaughter buyers.  The handling of the horses was HORRIBLE, the auction employees were observed hitting the horses across their faces with wooden sticks.
The pens were extremely overcrowded; horses were put in pens with low ceilings and they continually hit their heads resulting in bleeding open wounds.   The horses were rushed through the alleys and moved through a heavy, hydraulic gate that closed on the horses, struck the horses on their heads and crushed their bodies.  All of these circumstances caused the horses to become extremely agitated and panicked; they were kicking and biting each other. Many of the slaughter horses sold were loaded onto Canadian trailers the same night.

Animals’ Angels will report these deplorable conditions to local authorities and continue inspecting this auction. 

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