Jose Rios Collecting Station in El Paso, TX 9/23/12

Saturday, November 24, 2012 - 18:45
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Animals’ Angels investigators visited Jose Rios Slaughter Horse Collecting Station in El Paso, TX. There they viewed approximately 250-300 horses within an enclosed area. Many of these horses had already been tagged indicating they were to be transported later across the Mexican border for slaughter. Some horses still had the original auction tags attached, maybe more, and investigators were shocked to see that large a number of horses already waiting and primed for transport.

Jose Rios ships from El Paso, TX to the Presidio export pens prior to their being transported to Mexico. Every month he holds a horse auction, but his auction also serves as a collecting station, to temporarily harbor horses intended for slaughter across the Mexican border. Rios ships approximately 300 horses every month.

Investigators noted that while there was access for the horses to hay and water, there was no shelter from the blazing desert sun. There were several notably thin horses, some had distinct branding, but overall their conditions were determined to be good. There was one horse with a swollen face, likely an abscess or from some other injury. There were also several mules seen among horses previously tagged for slaughter.

Since it was a Sunday there was no activity.