Joe Rios Collecting Station, El Paso, TX & Trailing of Twins Trucking 11/29/12

Monday, January 14, 2013 - 15:15
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Investigators returned to El Paso to check on Joe Rios collecting station located on the premises of the Rio Grand Classic Livestock Auction. An empty, single deck trailer was parked next the pen area. There were approx. 30 horses visible inside the pens, all of them had access to food and water. Several horses observed were thin. A worker was observed cleaning the back pen area. Investigators waited, but there was no more activity.

When they were leaving the premises, they noted a Twin’s Trucking truck and single deck trailer driving by. The trailer’s front compartment was loaded with horses. Twin’s Trucking is hauling horses for Beltex from the Morton feedlot to the different export pens. The truck was heading towards the Presidio pens. The horses appeared to be very agitated inside the trailer.