Jerez horse slaughter plant, Zacatecas, Mexico - 3/17/08

Monday, March 17, 2008 - 13:30
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The Animals’ Angels inspectors observe the horse slaughter plant in Jerez, Mexico. The holding pens of the facility are crowded, mainly with horses of US origin.

Several of these horses are emaciated and their rib cages are protruding through their skin. The investigators see some horses that should definitely not have been loaded in the US: One horse has a broken front leg and is unable to put any weight on it.

One mare (green USDA slaughter tag still attached) has a very young foal by her side. Apparently the foal was either born in transit or upon arrival at the slaughter facility.

Close to the plant entrance the investigators find a dead horse. For unknown reasons the lower parts of the legs and the head has been cut off.

Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this plant.