Horse Slaughter Plant, Jerez, Mexico; 10/13/08

Monday, October 13, 2008 - 13:45
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Horse Slaughter Plant, Jerez, Mexicov165_img_d9797_187_thumb

The Animals’ Angels investigators observed the horse slaughter plant in Jerez. Inside the large pen area, they find approx. 70 -100 horses of US origin. All of them had the green USDA slaughter tag attached.

Some of the horses looked emaciated, but the investigators did not find downed or injured horses during this visit. There was a lot of activity in the slaughter area, with a number of workers in white coats and boots being present. Cattle can also be seen being herded into another slaughter area to the left of building. It appears that horses are being slaughtered every day of the week now and that trucks with horses from the US arrive on a regular basis.

Animals' Angels will continue to monitor activities and provide a detailed report.