Horse Shacks, Denver, CO 4/27/14

Sunday, April 27, 2014 - 11:45
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While in Denver for the Wild Horse Rally on April 2014, Animals’ Angels investigators were still hard at work.  Our investigators found tiny, homemade shacks used to house horses.  The pens were small and constructed from plywood, tarp, metal poles and barbed wire. Nails and sharp metal were clearly exposed and presented a high risk of injuries to the horses contained in these makeshift pens.  The horses had very little room to even move around let alone interact with the other horses.  Investigators observed the horses were lethargic and appeared depressed with little energy.  

These dilapidated shacks are a serious fire hazard.  In fact, Animals’ Angels was informed by a source that there have already been several cases where these shacks have caught fire and tragically all animals inside burned to death.  It is impossible to understand why Denver authorities allow such conditions to exist.  Animals’ Angels has reached out to local agencies to find out more and to file an official complaint.