Haley Slaughter Horse Collecting Station and Auction - 9/14-9/15/09

Monday, September 14, 2009 - 00:15
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Animals’ Angels documented the conditions for slaughter horses at this facility. A double deck trailer was parked next to one of the barns. The majority of the horses were out on the pasture, while some horses were kept inside the barns. The pens inside were very filthy and dark. The horses had no access to food and the water troughs were empty. They were chewing on the wood of the fence posts in frustration or searching the pen floor for something to eat. The following day at Haley’s weekly auction, only 10 horses were offered for sale. We were informed that a few years ago 400-500 horses were sold here every week, but that the business has declined rapidly (since the closure of the Cavel plant).