George Baker Premises, Stroud, OK 9/27/12

Monday, November 26, 2012 - 12:30
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George Baker is a known kill buyer and ships his horses to Mexico for slaughter. According to public documents he ships as many as 890 horses a month to the Presidio export pens.

There were 110 horses visible on the premises. The majority of the horses were in pens on the west side of the property and all of them were already tagged for slaughter. At the time of the visit, workers were moving a group of 15 horses from the back pens to the front, likely in preparation of loading. A white Freightliner hooked to a flat floor trailer was spotted on the premises.  In the afternoon, a Bud Shirley truck with a single deck trailer arrived and parked. Shirley is a known shipper for Baker and based out of Wichita, KS. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this property.