Gary Morris Horse Collecting Station, Muleshoe, TX 3/9/12

Monday, April 30, 2012 - 11:30
Investigation Category: 

Animals’ Angels investigators return to the horse collecting station of slaughter buyer Gary Morris.    There were approximately 30-40 horses in the pens, with the healthier horses placed in the pens closest to  the road that runs in front of the property. 

The sick, injured, and thin horses were kept in the pens furthest from public view, and contained horses with the specific following conditions:

  1. Many horses with bi-lateral nasal discharge.
  2. Many horses with a BCS no greater than 2.
  3. Horses with swollen leg/knees.
  4. A roan horse with a BCS of 1.  This horse was so incredibly thin, that it struggled to take steps, and swayed back and forth when idle. 
  5. A black horse with an active, and openly draining, strangles infection.

Only very limited amounts of hay were visible in some of the pens.  At no point, did investigators observe enough feed for any horse to sustain, let alone gain much needed weight.

Investigators will continue to monitor this collecting station.