Fabrizius Slaughter Horse Collecting Station, Eaton, CO 4/26/14

Saturday, April 26, 2014 - 10:30
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Investigators returned to the premises of kill buyer Jason Fabrizius. Fabrizius is a Colorado trader who frequents horse auctions in Colorado & Montana to provide large scale kill buyer Dennis Chavez from Los Lunas, NM with a steady supply of slaughter horses. Fabrizius also operates his own trucking company (DOT 2431837) and ships these horses to New Mexico with his own trucks. Animals’ Angels reported his driver in October of 2013 for attempting to run over them. More recently, Fabrizius has made the connection with one of Texas largest kill buyers and is now buying more horses than ever to fulfill the demand.

The large property in Eaton consists of a private home, a barn and an outdoor pen area with loading ramp. The premises appeared well maintained and in good condition. There were 9 horses visible in the pen area, gathered around hay bales. All of them appeared to be in average condition. Investigators monitored the premises for several hours, but there was no activity.