Euclid Horse Auction - 4/4/09

Saturday, April 4, 2009 - 05:00
Investigation Category: 

The Animals’ Angels investigators returned to the monthly horse auction in Euclid. Approximately sixty horses were offered for sale that day. The investigators noticed that buyer “DM” bought enough of the cheaper horses to fill a stock trailer. Several auction visitors were overheard making comments like “ poor horse is going to the meat-man” or “ Oh no, HE is buying this poor horse, it will be on it’s way to Mexico soon” After the sale, the investigators followed “DM” to his collecting station where he holds more than 100 horses of all breeds, ages and condition. The premises are covered in trash and no shelter is provided for most of the horses. Animals’ Angels will urge California authorities, again, to investigate where these horses go when they leave DM’s feedlot.