Escalon Auction, CA - 8/8/08

Friday, August 8, 2008 - 10:15
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8/8/08 Escalon Auction, CAv136_img_d9797_154_thumb

The Animals’ Angels investigators inspected the Escalon Auction. The auction building is modern and equipped with well-designed alleys. However, the auctions treatment of downed animals is anything but satisfactory: During their visit, the investigators observed a downed Holstein cow being unloaded at 11.20am. Unable to rise, she was left in one of the alleys for 7+ hours without food, water or veterinary care. During this time, several cows were moved over her body, she was electric prodded and pushed with an iron gate. The Animals’ Angels inspectors informed the market manager and the police about the unbearable situation. v137_img_d9797_155_thumbTo their surprise, no action was taken to ease the suffering of the cow. Furthermore, the investigators were threatened by the market owner and informed by the police that they are “not welcome”. California law requires that a non-ambulatory animal is humanely euthanized immediately. v138_img_d9797_156_thumbAnimals’ Angels will make sure that the auction is being held responsible for this violation.