D.R. Chambers & Sons Horse Auction, Unadilla, NY - 06/27/08

Friday, June 27, 2008 - 11:00
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06/27/08 D.R. Chambers & Sons Horse Auction, Unadilla, NYv118_img_d9797_132_thumb
The Animals Angels inspectors visited the Unadilla livestock auction where they observed generally satisfactory conditions, handling, and auction practices. The 80-100 horses held at the auction were tied separately and had access to food, although no water. Pens were not overcrowded, and handling was overall calm. Inspectors also noted that prices for many of the auctioned horses were extremely low (as low as $10), a fact that attracts slaughter buyers to this auction. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor the conditions at Unadilla Auction.