D.R. Chambers Horse Sale, Unadilla, NY 3/30/12

Friday, May 11, 2012 - 14:45
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Animals’ Angels investigators attended the regular horse sale in Unadilla, NY. There were 65 horses and 2 goats present at the sale. Bedding and hay were seen but only one pen had access to water.  Two blind miniature horses were refused consignment by auction staff.  The hauler of the minis gave them both to a rescue present at the auction.  Handling was calm.  Horses sold for as little as $20.00. The most expensive horse sold for $1,500.00. Kill buyers Don Nickerson and Chuck Beam, buyer for Brian Moore, were present.  Toby’s Livestock, a horse trader of Middleburg, PA was also buying horses.  Approximately 38 horses were sold to slaughter buyers. The sale ended at 8:30 pm. When investigators left the auction at 9:30pm, the horses sold to the kill buyers were still in the pen area. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor the auction.