Donkey Skin Investigation 10/13/20

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 11:07
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Over our many years of undercover investigations, Animals’ Angels has often witnessed the miserable plight of the donkeys and burros who join horses in the auction pen, and who are shipped to Mexico in deplorable conditions to be slaughtered for their meat. Now, a new and disturbing increase in global demand for donkeys has compelled Animals’ Angels to open an investigation into a secretive trade that poses a growing threat to donkeys in America.

A traditional Chinese medicine called Ejiao, also known as Colla Corii Asini or Donkey Hide Glue, is becoming increasingly popular due to claims it offers significant health benefits, such as anti-aging powers and increased libido. Unfortunately, Donkey skin is the key ingredient in Ejiao, which is sold in pill or tonic form, and which contains extracts of the gelatin found in the donkey hide, along with mixed herbs and other ingredients.

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