David Shaw Slaughter Horse Collecting Station, Scottsville, KY 6/26/11-6/27/11

Thursday, July 21, 2011 - 18:00
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When investigators arrived at the premises, there were approx. 35 -40 horses present. The property also contains a custom butcher shop (Countryside Meats). The pen area appeared extremely filthy, with no grass and trash scattered about. Manure was piled up in one corner of the pen area and the horses were forced to move around in a mixture of manure and mud. Several horses were standing in mud well above their ankles. A dilapidated shed was visible in the back of the pen area with a caved in roof. A second, smaller shed and a loading ramp suitable for single and double deck trailers were next to the pen area. Several horses were very thin, appeared lethargic and were holding their heads low. Some were coughing.

All horses had green USDA slaughter tags attached to them.

Investigators continued to observe the premises for two days, but Shaw did not load the horses during that timeframe. According to information provided in a 2010 WBKO article, Shaw ships his horses to Canada for slaughter.

Investigation of Kentucky Slaughter Buyers and Auctions