Misner Feedlot, Chino, CA; 8/3/08 – 8/12/08

Sunday, August 3, 2008 - 10:15
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v134_img_d9797_151_thumbAA investigators returned to the feedlot of David Misner in California.

After observing the arrival of about 30 horses from the Euclid Auction the previous night, the investigators returned to the Misner lot the next morning.

Approximately 180-200 horses were being held on the premises. The site is comprised of large pens, spanning several acres with no shelter. Debris and trash could be seen in the pens, posing a serious risk to the animals inside.

v135_img_d9797_152_thumbInvestigators observed Misner’s trailer leaving the premises for an additional pick-up at Mike’s Horse Auction. Misner departed with another full load of horses.  Approximately 16-18 horses were packed into Misner’s small livestock trailer.

During the course of the next week, the investigators found Misner arriving at his lot with two more loads of horses. Observations made by Animals’Angels investigators at the feedlot and the surrounding auctions are indicative that David Misner might be buying and selling horses for slaughter. Further investigations are scheduled.