Dale Haley D/B/A Rushville Horse Sale Co. 8/30/11

Monday, October 10, 2011 - 11:20
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2011_08_30_USA_Horses_5_Hayleys__Auction_KM1Investigators arrived at the horse collecting facility at 8:00 am. Dale Haley is a horse trader with a long history of shipping horses to slaughter. There were approximately 25 horses in the outside pen area and another 10 horses in the pasture behind the facility. There were two white semis with single deck trailers parked in the side lot. Some of the horses had white auction tags still attached. Several of the horses were thin. The pen area appeared run down and no water or hay was visible.2011_08_30_USA_Horses_3_Hayleys__Auction_KM1

Investigators continued to monitor the premises throughout the day, however, there was little activity. At 2:00 PM, investigators observed a red Dodge pickup and stock trailer arrive and unload horses. It is probable that this was Charlie Harris unloading based upon the truck and trailer. At 4:27 PM, a white pickup and horse trailer arrived and unloaded one horse directly into the pasture.  Investigators left shortly after this as there was no further activity.