D. Nickerson, Coventryville, NY - 06/24/2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 - 11:00
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06/24/08 Slaughter Horse Collecting Facility of D. Nickerson, Coventryville, NYv115_img_d9797_126_thumb
Animals’ Angels investigators visited the Nickerson “Feedlot” where they observed approximately 30 horses held in a small outdoor pen, with no shelter, poor quality hay, and deep mud. Many horses at the feedlot were extremely emaciated, and several had leg injuries. v115_img_d9797_127_thumbInvestigators noted that the deep mud in the pen was full of large, sharp boulders and the loading ramp was also very muddy and slippery. Investigators observed that horses were loaded at 6:30 pm, and remained in the trailer until departure at midnight adding 5.5 hours to their overnight journey to slaughter in Quebec, Canada. The Animals’ Angels investigators contacted the County police and the local SPCA regarding the conditions at the feedlot and were surprised to learn that both agencies are indeed aware of the situation but are not willing to take any action. v116_img_d9797_128_thumbAnimals’ Angels will follow up with superior authorities regarding the lack of enthusiasm among local agencies to enforce standards